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Companies Suffer With Non Premium Domain Names

November 18th, 2010

TaxMastersRule number 1 when selecting a domain name for your company is to pick a web address with long term relevance. I have seen mistakes over the years in which companies pick a domain name that contains odd abbreviations, hyphens, or numbers. You have to shake your head.

Often, these ill-fitting domains are difficult to remember, and wind up being an impediment to the company’s marketing efforts and financial bottom line.

While listening to the Dennis Miller radio show this week, Dennis finished a segment with an on-air advertisement for the tax relief company, Tax Masters. After discussing the company’s services, he reminded listeners of the Tax Masters’ website. You would intuitively assume that their website would be “TaxMasters.com” or perhaps “TaxMasters.biz”.

Instead, Dennis launched into an explanation that the Tax Masters’ web address is www.txmstr.com …

“that’s TaxMasters with no vowels, txmstr (spelled out!) dot com … with no vowels.”

Naturally, I searched on tld variations for the phrase “Tax Masters” and they were all registered by other entities some of them tax relief professionals. Tax Masters apparently spend a large sum on advertising. Their ads can be seen on television and the internet, as well as being heard on the radio. What a hurdle they have erected for their customers. Not only do they not have the corresponding domain name of their company, but the awkward singular abbreviation they have chosen (txmstr.com) does not even match their plural name, Tax Masters.

Domain Name is Your DoorwayIf they were going to commit to an abbreviation, should it not be txmstrs, with an “s” on the end to represent the plurality in their company name? The end result of decisions like this is that Tax Masters make it more difficult to connect with both current clients and in particular, prospective clients.

Chances are that many potential customers are trying to remember Tax Masters‘ abbreviated web address, but wind up on a competitor’s website. Some decisions are needlessly costly. And hard to undo later. Haphazard domain selection creates a long term drag on marketing effectiveness.

Your domain name is your invitation to the world … and an open door for customers. Fill the doorway with garbage, or block it with debris, and those customers will simply walk on by.

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