Hotel Domain Names

December 11th, 2010

Hotel domain names are a specialty niche in the domain name market. There are generic super premiums like and there are other pure geo-targeted domain names like sold via Sedo in 2006 for $329,509 and exemplifies the high value attached to the “hotels” keyword in the domain name sales industry. was acquired earlier this year for $100,000 while hotel portal redirects such as fetched $8092 in 2009.

Online hotel reservations were one of the earliest and most successful business models available on the internet with many hotel affiliate programs springing up in the budding years of the web.

Hoovers reports that there are approximately 50,000 hotel & motel lodging facilities in the United States. Collectively, they bring in an estimated $120 billion dollars per year. Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Hampton are but a few of the well-known hotel brands in America and abroad.

Geo-targeted hotel domains that contain the name of a city act as a regional portal that can list all of the hotels in operation for a particular destination. Huge metropolitan areas like New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles can provide tens of thousands of available hotel rooms. So, online comparative price checking is a recommended method for beginning one’s travel plans.

Pure geo-targeted domain names in the hotel category qualify as premium domains since they represent superior marketing attributes and are so easily communicated to consumers in writing and in oral communication. To browse premium hotel domains available in the domain aftermarket, visit PremiumDomains.US.

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