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Premium Domain Names Built On Popular Keywords

December 9th, 2010

The culinary arts are of interest to many people. And this phenomenon seems to be catching on across the nation. Culinary art schools enjoy full enrollment as students, professionals, and everyday folks indulge their senses and learn the fine art of preparing delicious meals.

Culinary is the general food industry term used for those things related to cooking or the kitchen. It has been refined somewhat to refer more specifically to the art of cooking. The industry itself has exploded in popularity with television food programs enjoying high ratings and artisan chefs becoming a household name while enjoying their own successful lines of cookware. Think Emeril!

Established websites like Culinary.net offer a wide variety of online recipes while domain names like Culinary.biz will eventually become the portal for an entire industry of culinary arts, culinary products, culinary schools, restauranteers, and aspiring students.

Generic domain names of course make excellent business launchers. They also excel as marketing tools since the general public instantly recognize them and often type them directly into the internet browser address field. Food domain names are fairly specific and have certainly attracted attention within the domain name industry.

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    Agree with this! A domain name must be an eye catcher, straight to the point and could easily be recalled.

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