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Geo Domain Enthusiasts

April 24th, 2011 Comments off

Geo domains are a niche within the larger domain name industry pertaining to domain names containing cities, states, countries, or other geographical names. A new organization for geo domain enthusiasts has sprung up at

GeoPublishers is staffed/led by some familiar names in the geodomain industry including the Castello Brothers (David and Michael) who own such greats as and, Fred Mercaldo of, and Jessica Bookstaff of

GeoPublishers aspire to become the new voice of the geodomain industry. Many of its members and/or partners were previously involved with the Associated Cities network although differences led to an eventual split.

Geodomains are a special interest of this writer as well as a focus of investment for Menius Enterprises, Inc. (dba PremiumDomains.US). Pure generic city and state domain names offer a unique angle since they have natural appeal to local residents & businesses as well as those planning to travel to a particular city or state location.

GeoPublishers will be open to geodomain owners in a variety of top level domains. Already listed in the site’s membership directory is Louisville.US, an attractive website providing information on local business, attractions, restaurants, hotel booking, etc.

GeoPublishers will provide periodic conferences for its members for the purposes of networking, learning, and information exchange. The first such conference is already being scheduled, and is entitled “ Expo 2011″. It will be held in Chicago on October 1-2. More information is available here.

Two Letter Domain Names Make for Memorable Addresses

April 6th, 2011 1 comment

Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of those medical phrases that take an extra few seconds to type in order to make sure your spelling is correct. is certainly already registered. Indeed, to a biotechnology company called Genentech … whose corporate website is actually located at They sure know how to zero in on high quality, generic domain names. Once again illustrating that branding is best employed with singular, descriptive domains.

However, the real subject of this piece is another premium domain name owned by Abbott Laboratories, a U.S. based pharmaceutical company who describe themselves as a broad based healthcare company. The domain is and it too focuses on treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, a disease which affects about 1% of the world’s population. was originally registered on June 16, 1993 making it one of the earlier domain names secured well before the rapid expansion of the internet. Whether Abbott Laboratories had the foresight to acquire the name back then is unknown. I would not be surprised to learn that Abbott purchased the domain name some years later via private transaction. In any case, RA is the common abbreviation for “rheumatoid arthritis”, and much easier to spell. So credit to Abbott Laboratories for going the common sense route, and taking advantage of the power of premium domains.