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Domain Name Observations and News Bits

September 25th, 2011 Comments off

Several domain blogs & TechCrunch reported last week that the premium domain name, (with associated domains and online services), was sold by Lending Tree to Market Leader for $8.25 million dollars. would classify as one of the all time best domain names right along with and Market Leader is reported to have been buying other online services and companies to expand their niche in the real estate industry.

Neustar, who oversee the .biz and .US domain name registries, has launched a new website at to promote the forthcoming release of newer alternative tld’s (top level domains). Their choice of the .BIZ web address makes good use of the business-centric focus that .biz represents.

Raleigh, NC was voted the #1 city in America by Businessweek. Factors included green space, cultural amenities, and school performance. is a premium web address currently available through the Menius Enterprises, Inc. domain name portfolio and the PremiumDomains.US website.

Update: The www.Methadone.US website, which launched earlier this year, exceeded its own monthly record for consumer traffic in August with that month seeing the largest number of visitors since the site’s inception. The largest single day for unique site visitors also occurred in August.

Several Recent .BIZ Sales Via Sedo

March 20th, 2011 Comments off

Several notable .BIZ domain sales were picked up the other day by Domain Name Wire. was purchased through Sedo’s online brokerage for $19,000 as verified through their RSS feed of recent sales. And was sold for a very substantial $61,750. Neither site is developed yet although both domains lend themselves to good branding possibilities for the buyer(s). recently sold and in private deals, as well as through an online brokerage.

On a different note, www.Methadone.US which was developed in the first quarter of 2011, has experienced consistent week after week growth since going live January 23rd. The site has a wealth of original content, a U.S. city clinic directory, online assessment, and several other tools & resources. Promotes The Internet’s Business Web Address

October 29th, 2010 Comments off

The Neustar Registry recently developed a new, attractive logo for the .biz web address. wrote about it since we have been long time fans of the internet’s official business address.

Noteworthy is the nicely designed, polished website at (partly pictured above) which showcases the .BIZ domain extension. The site provides a great video on dotBIZ (see below) and a .biz name generator for coming up with domain name variations. reiterates a few timeless pointers when considering a domain name selection including:

  • Shorter is better
  • Be sure you can say the name without having to spell it out for people
  • Avoid trademarks

O.BIZ One Year AnniversaryOn a related .biz note, Overstock is celebrating this week the one year anniversary of their launch of O.BIZ, their e-commerce website for businesses which sells a variety of supplies from categories like catering, janitorial, office furniture, kitchen, and medical equipment.

Presently, there are 2,134,202 .biz domain names registered around the world (source: DomainTools)

Located on the Neustar website is a brief characterization of the .BIZ address …

.BIZ enables your business to present itself as a serious player in the global marketplace, and helps you do what you do best – get down to business.

Well said. Check out the .BIZ (Business) web address. As they say, “Better Name. Better Results.”

(video source:

Neustar Adopt New Logo for .BIZ Web Address

October 6th, 2010 2 comments

.BIZ = Business.BIZ has a new logo just recently adopted by the Neustar Registry who oversee the net’s official “business” web address.

There is even a new catchy tagline “Better Name. Better Results.” which is a great marketing decision.

In a related story, found here, Neustar have announced recent security enhancements to the .BIZ domain space. wrote last year about a McAfee study on web address security which found .BIZ among the safest of all domain name extensions even outperforming dotcom.

ExperianLastly, it was announced recently that the credit services goliath, Experian, had acquired California company Mighty Net in a $207.5 million dollar deal. This is particularly significant for Experian as the deal included several premium domain name assets, specifically and

Related domain names available for purchase from the Menius Enterprises portfolio include:

.BIZ Works For Entertainment

October 3rd, 2010 Comments off

.BIZ is short for “Business” in America and international markets as well. Most people’s first introduction to the popular biz abbreviation was show biz. The entertainment industry has been a high profile “show business” in the United States for many decades. One now sees “biz” used everywhere including global media, the world of finance, and countless varieties of company websites across the internet.

All types of companies within the entertainment industry are utilizing the .biz web address as a result of recognizing its relevance  … especially for the music business. A few examples …

Grabow Booking Agency1.  – Grabow is a popular booking agency who secure professional entertainers and speakers for corporate events and other special functions. Their tagline is “putting show biz into your biz.” They can book & coordinate events using such acts as Elton John, AC/DC, and Beyonce or pro sports figures like Troy Aikman, Shaquille Oneal, and Lance Armstrong.

BillBoard.biz2. - Everyone in the music industry knows that Billboard have been around for decades. They produce the popular music industry chart rankings for album sales, singles, and other music business metrics. They are the definitive music industry publication.

The Dickens3. - Even local bands are choosing the .biz web address. The Dickens are a Greensboro area party band who specialize in 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music. Their set list is truly phenomenal as is their ability to play something that every music lover will enjoy. As a truly professional group of musicians, the .biz web address is a logical fit for their website.

.BIZ For Business

July 31st, 2010 Comments off

.BIZ = Global BusinessThe .BIZ web address was released in 2002 and has steadily risen in registration numbers since then. It is currently closing in on 2.15 million worldwide registrations and shown consistent year over year growth as a leading top level domain.

Biz” has long been a common abbreviation for business in the finance and investment realms, and particularly in the broader world of business in general. Biz has become a well-recognized part of the English vernacular. It is seen daily in newspapers & magazines, on television, throughout the internet, and used repeatedly by professionals when referring to almost any kind of industry.

My own research of the .biz web address reveals that it has been adopted by many companies around the globe from small local stores to major international corporations. For business purposes and business branding, .BIZ is a major player. The .biz extension is managed by the Neustar Registry and marketed by them as …

The Internet’s Home For Business


Below is brief informational video by NTC Hosting on the .BIZ web address …

Outdoor Advertising Company Promoting .BIZ Web Address

July 27th, 2010 1 comment

Porlier.bizThere was an interesting post today by Andrew Allemann of DomainNameWire. He wrote about having gone to visit a relative near St. Louis, Missouri and driving for some distance on I-70 away from St. Louis.

Dotted along the highway were numerous billboards owned by Porlier Outdoor Advertising. Billboard advertising has become a mainstay in the advertising world as they offer a unique opportunity for companies to reach drivers while they cruise the open road.

Of interest to me was Porlier’s use of the .BIZ domain name for their official website at The .biz extension was originally released and successfully branded as the official business web address of the internet. Porlier’s use of .biz is certainly a perfect fit for the .biz domain’s intended use.

The company’s billboards are focused on roads between St. Louis and Kansas City, and they have Porlier.bizover 440 available billboards for local and national advertisers to use. Several of these are of the electronic type with colorful messages that rotate every 10 seconds.

Porlier can utilize a customer’s own creative designs or develop something unique in-house to suit a customer’s taste.

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.BIZ in North Carolina Where Business Matters

July 20th, 2010 Comments off

I have written periodically about various applications of the .biz (Business) web address having seen some impressive real life uses by different companies in North Carolina. From local florists to commercial real estate firms. From medical service providers to global retailers.

Here’s a unique one. Several days ago I viewed on a major highway close to Greensboro, NC a large billboard for Yes, “Fork It”. is a promotional campaign for hospitality careers in North Carolina sponsored by the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association. The Association is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital city, and operates its website on A very good .biz fit.


For the uninitiated, North Carolina is a tourist & vacation state with it’s mountains, beaches, and incredible college sports dynasties. These attractions feed the hotel, hospitality, restaurant, and general tourism industry across the state.

Another local billboard for Northstate Communications uses to invite local businesses to switch away from their current telecom provider to North State’s communication technology.

The .biz address currently has over 2.1 million worldwide registrations.

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