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Study Confirms Exact Match Domain Names Drive SEO

October 22nd, 2010 2 comments

PremiumDomains.USI was browsing some other domain blogs this morning and saw Michael Berkens’ post of an article by a popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) publisher, SEOmoz.

SEOmoz examined a number of variables tied to achieving high search engine rankings, and they found that an exact match domain name carried more weight in high search engine placement than any other contributing factor. It is important to note that this was an objective study by someone outside of the domain name industry (not a domain industry insider).

A correlation analysis was performed using accepted scientific methodology and based on a sample of 11,351 search results pages in both Google and Bing. The conclusion included such observations as  …

Just by itself, exact match is remarkably high in correlation to rankings. No other on-site/on-page factor we examined even came close.

This conclusion mirrors not only the long held view of many domain name investors, but also represents a certain inherent logic that has often angered those late in the game to the power of generic, exact match domain names.

Exact match domain names describe the business, service, product, or location that a buying consumer is interested in. This exact match appeal did not originate from within the domain industry, but has been in existence for many years in all areas of society and business. Public libraries provide category headings. Yellow page directories use pure search words. And any search performed in a major search engine is built upon the exact match keywords which describe your search query.

In domain industry circles, this has been commonly referred to as generic domains or pure keyword domains. One is simply more likely to find the information & products relevant to their search when the domain name is an exact match to their search query. This is why or are so popular. They deliver what is described within the domain name itself.

Will exact match domains names continue to be regarded as highly relevant in search engine optimization and ranking? My forecast is a definite … yes. The domain name system, and entire internet structure, is built on the power of language and the meaning of words. There is no better replacement. It’s just that simple. And exact match domain names sit right in the middle of this time proven universal truth.

Incidentally, this blog is not named by accident. :-)

Belgard and the .BIZ Web Address

April 12th, 2010 Comments off

Belgard.bizBelgard is a leading interlocking pavers manufacturer who make high-quality materials used in the construction of beautiful walkways, driveways, gardens, pools & patio environments. You have likely seen their hardscape materials used in retaining walls and what is referred to as “outdoor rooms” often found in luxury estates.

Belgard is owned by Oldcastle who are a leading international materials company with 1900 locations and 40,000 employees worldwide.

Belgard have an extensive presence in both the United States and Canada with their products having been successfully used in thousands of residential and commercial projects.

Belgard.bizThe company are utilizing the .BIZ (Business) web address at, and have designed an attractive website containing plenty of colorful photos of their many projects. Belgard have independent contractors in every state who are well versed on the various Belgard products. The company hosts ongoing training sessions across the country and provide several certifications as well as business development & expansion courses.

DomainBusiness.US – Domain Business

January 4th, 2010 Comments off

DomainBusiness.USDomainBusiness.US is a small-sized minisite I have developed to profile my premium domain name portfolio and to show how one can design a functional website using DevHub.

The .US web address is currently at 1,580,822 total domain registrations. .US (United States) works nicely as an identifier of domains relating specifically to U.S. business, and it makes for a memorable web address.

Another neat angle that takes portfolio owners beyond the parking format is the ability to quickly assemble a landing page that contains a wider variety of content. This may include a formal announcement of the domain name being available for purchase, while also including a blog, creative photos, RSS feeds, and MiamiApartments.infothe typical clickable ads.

Certainly worthy of mention is having one access point for all of your DevHub sites. This is incredibly convenient. There’s no logging into separate interfaces. You can view an alphabetical list of developed sites and simply bring up the one you would like to edit or enhance with a single click. I never realized how helpful this could be to have so many sites consolidated into one location.

Domain Industry Observations 12-18-2009

December 18th, 2009 Comments off

GoDaddy - Domain Name Registrar1. Andrew Allemann of wrote earlier this week about, the world’s largest registrar, having topped $750 million in revenue for year 2009. GoDaddy is privately owned although they flirted with an IPO a few years ago. I suspect that remains an option for the company. This revenue level is an impressive achievement as well as an indication of just how robust the internet economy and domain name market have become. Almost recession proof when compared with other industries.

icann2. In an ICANN related mistake from the past (as I see it), Verisign Inc. were awarded the exclusive contract to administer the .com and .net web addresses. Verisign’s current contract allow them to raise domain name registration prices up to a maximum of 7% per year. Although most all related technologies and costs are coming down in price, Verisign just announced that they will be raising prices again. As you might guess, they have opted for a maximum price increase of 7% raising .com domain registration fees from $6.86 to $7.34. ICANN should have provided for a competitive bidding process instead of awarding one company, Verisign, a literal monopoly.

DevHub3. I have continued use of the DevHub website builder to produce a basic site for DevHub are furthering their web development tools having recently upgraded their online user interface (adding nicer features) and also rolling out a newly completed payment system.

4. Ron Jackson of DNJournal published earlier this week some info on the purchase of the premium domain name,, by North Carolina businessman Jeremiah Johnson (read his bio here). Mr. Johnson already operated a website at, but picked up the premium domain for $175,000 in a private sale according to DNJournal. This is a smart acquisition that will certainly build brand identity and credibility.

Evo Media Group Receive 1.5 Million in Funding

November 29th, 2009 Comments off

EvoMediaEvo Media Group, who operate the website development & hosting platform, have received $1.5 million in funding to expand their operations. DevHub became profitable in August 2009, and they will use this new influx of cash to grow their network of publishers.

DevHub sites are currently attracting more than two million visitors per month. This writer began using DevHub development tools about 8 weeks ago and presently have 40 websites up and running on their platform.

The $1.5 million in new funding is reported to be coming from Voyager Capital’s Geoff Entress, Whitepages CEO Alex Algard, Intel Capital’s Jeff Schrock, and former Disney Online president Richard Wolpert (as reported by

For previous articles on DevHub, see …

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2009 .INFO Website Awards

November 24th, 2009 Comments off

.INFOThe Afilias Registry, who administer the .INFO web address, recently held a contest and awarded cash prizes for the top three developed .INFO websites. Ron Jackson wrote on that Afilias received over 50 entries from 18 different countries.

.INFO Awards$7,500 was awarded for first place to (a travel site serving Germany). Second place, with a prize of $5,000, was awarded to (a website where individuals can share and download outdoor GPS tours). In third place was, a travel & tourism marketing site, taking $3,000 for their efforts.

There are currently 5,428,453 .info domain names registered around the world. Fully developed sites and services are being launched on a daily basis due to the gradual adoption and popularity of the .info web space.

For those of you who are interested in the .info domain name, check out It’s a beautifully designed website & portal for the country of Spain that exemplifies the logic behind the .info domain name extension.

Domain Name Observations

November 15th, 2009 1 comment

domainbizI’ve been quite busy with domain name development this past week, but wanted to mention several happenings related to the domain name market.

1. Several of the .biz auctions which occurred at Sedo some weeks ago have finalized. Of note are these sales …

  • for $8,100
  • at $8,211
  • brought $9,400
  • went for $10,099
  • for $8,855

2. Michael Berkens of wrote a brief piece about attorney Howard Neu having acquired and developed the premium domain name,

3. are now offering online incorporation for your business including the popular LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). The service also includes acquiring your Federal Tax ID number.

4. was sold via Sedo for $18,000. Not familiar with this company or concept. Under construction webpage appears to be in French. Quite a sum for a non-generic domain name.

*Related domain names from today’s posts -> Launches IPO

November 5th, 2009 Comments off has launched an initial public offering (IPO) and raised $100 million from the sale of 7.4 million shares. The website is reported to have over one million paying subscribers, and they have few other relevant competitors operating in this area of the market.

Ancestry was founded in 1983 and employ approximately 600 people. The company has said it may use a portion of its proceeds to expand through acquisitions and investments.

The stock trades on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol, ACOM. Ancestry have grown their online business through the sale of birth certificates and marriage records. Total revenue for 2008 was $197.6 million.

It’s been quite awhile since we have heard of an online company doing an IPO. Sounds like put themselves in a good position through useful products and steady growth.

Not long ago, #1 domain name registrar came close to initiating their own IPO, but they pulled back when the larger economy started to experience problems associated with the mortgage crisis and general negative investment sentiment.